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Firstly, I’d like to introduce myself my name is Matthew Ramsden and I am the personal trainer behind Ramsden Fitness and Results with Ramsden based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. My aim is to provide the best possible personal training experience for every client and to achieve real sustainable fat loss results for everyday people.

I thoroughly enjoy using the knowledge and practical experience I have gained over the years to enable me to provide the best possible experience. This enables me to enhance clients lifestyles not only through exercise but from the educational support I provide too. In 2018 I took a huge risk and made the decision to leave my highly paid job to turn my passion for fitness into a career. After gaining both Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer qualifications I then began working in the fitness industry undertaking classes and 1-1 PT sessions. I have dedicated my life so far to training, educating and supporting over 100 men and women. I feel incredibly passionate about helping others to achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals. Through my own experience of struggling with body confidence I hope to inspire, motivate and guide every client and person who walks into the gym. I want every client to gain the body confidence that they truly deserve. For the past 2 years I have worked at PureGym, one of the Uk’s leading fitness centres. I steadily built up my client base and within a year I was fully booked. I also took any opportunity to run and develop a variety fitness classes including spin, bootcamps, charity circuit classes both indoor, outdoors to name a few.

During my years in the industry so far I have continued my learning in many ways and I will continue to do so. I have completed external courses, seminars and worked with mentors to further my knowledge in exercise, nutrition and business. Later this year, I will be starting the biggest course yet - “Women’s Coaching Specialist Certification” by a world leading provider “Girls Gone Strong” I feel so fortunate in helping others to feel the way I do today. It is so rewarding working with clients and helping them to achieve even the smallest of goals. Whether it being fitting into a pair of jeans that were too tight or being able to run up a flight of stairs to the office without getting out of breath. I always felt I had the potential to achieve my goal and I have strived and worked hard to become the best at what I do. I can proudly say I’ve worked hard for it. It was my dream and ultimate goal to make a career out of something I absolutely love doing. It is so rewarding helping to re shape my clients lives both physically and mentally for the better.

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