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Over the past 2 years having worked with many people on a face to face, online & group basis environment, it gives me huge pleasure to be able to share the testimonials & feedback I received from their journeys. I always try deliver the best possible service I can offer and I think the feedback shows that.

1-1 Personal Training Testimonials

Joining Ramsden Fitness is one of the best things I've ever done - I've never looked back.

The level of fitness and weight loss I have achieved is way beyond any expectation I had. Matty sets rigorous workouts and achievable goals. Each workout is a challenge that leaves you feeling elated at the end and the best thing is working out never feels like a chore.

I can completely recommend working with Matty and the sooner you start you will quickly start reaching goals.

Janet Galoway

Matty has been my PT for 18 months now and has helped me achieve the results I wanted. Even through these recent weeks during lockdown he has held virtual training sessions to ensure I stayed on track and reached my goal. I would highly recommend Ramsden Fitness.

Bronnie Rhodes

Matty has absolutely surpassed my expectations and delivered amazing results. Thanks to him I'm in the best shape of my life. He's worked with me and helped me make lifestyle choices that haven't impacted my social life (this is super important to me). We plan ahead for nights out and holidays which means that I consistently make progress. Our training session are challenging yet, I really enjoy them. Matty tracks my progress and we celebrate our success. I have become so much stronger and fitter. I am absolutely delighted with the support that Matty gives me and thoroughly recommend that you work with him too.

Katie Coates

Group Training Testimonials

I have never known someone to motivate a group of people so well as Matty does! His outdoor & indoor bootcamps are so enjoyable, challenging and rewarding! Every session is different, but he still manages to target all aspects/ levels of fitness. He has helped me build my fitness levels more and become more body confident whilst working with me. Even within group training, Matty makes sure he gives 110% to each individual that attends to help them achieve their fitness goals

Chloe Whitehouse

Results With Ramsden Testimonials

I found Matty on Instagram during lockdown after a friend recommended him. He was offering daily workouts which were fun but challenging and were a real incentive to log off my laptop each day. Workouts were varied, ladders, EMOM, combat and pump so it kept up my interest. After 9 weeks of free continuous workouts, Matty then changed the model to start offering nutritional and health advice on top of the workouts. The workouts now include yoga and mobility along with all of the other workouts I’ve mentioned. and regular Instagram posts and challenges. All workouts are saved to access whenever you need them. Matty is a great PT, he’s a likeable guy, knows his stuff for sure. Thanks for having me on the team

Louise Dale

I’ve been truly impressed with Matty. I’ve lost 3 stone overall which I’m delighted with. He’s educated me to do the right things in the right way, without feeling as though I’m missing out. Fun, energetic and always focused. He keep things challenging and always brings something new to the table. A massive thumbs up!!

Sarah Wass

One word - Amazing
Matty really is an incredible guy. He’s passionate, driven, professional, knowledgeable and an excellent personal trainer with endless motivation. At the start of lock down it was extremely difficult for those, including myself when we found out the gyms were closing for the foreseeable.

I was then introduced to Ramsden Fitness and my mood totally changed. I then realised, why do I need the gym when I can workout at home with live workouts. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variation of every workout and seen amazing transformations in my body shape.

Talia Heaton

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